Statement in response to Portland’s fossil fuel resolution

Statements from the Power Past Coal and Stand Up To Oil campaigns in response to Portland’s November 12th resolution on fossil fuels:

“Portland leaders have listened to the people and stood up to the coal and fossil fuel industries with this action. Coal export is a bad deal for the Northwest and we need to move towards a clean energy future,” said Cesia Kearns, co-director of the Power Past Coal Campaign. “We hope this significant step forward by the city of Portland will give courage to other municipalities to act fully within their authority to protect their communities from dirty and dangerous fossil fuels.”

“This ground-breaking resolution from Portland is part of a surge of energy against oil and coal projects from across the nation. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen President Obama say no to the Keystone XL pipeline. We’ve seen thousands of people stand up against new oil terminals in Northwest communities. We’ve seen Portland pass an oil specific resolution. The message is clear – the risks of fossil fuels are too great. We can do better,” said Rebecca Ponzio, director of the Stand Up To Oil campaign.