Greenwashing and Emerging Fuels 101

This year the Stand Up To Oil (SUTO) coalition is launching an educational campaign on emerging fuel technologies and fossil fuel industry greenwashing. Community members know what is best for their community, and we want to help them see through harmful marketing and false solutions. Our goal is to equip people to make informed judgements about future project proposals and decide if those proposals are good or bad for their own community.

The fossil fuel industry is desperate to stay in business—continuously introducing new “transition” fuels under the guise of solving the climate crisis. This makes it very challenging to stay up to date and understand the impacts of these emerging products and the proposals that accompany them.

With the industry’s greenwashing, all of the new emerging fuel technologies sound amazing and wonderful. With some decoding and a little digging though, it is possible to distinguish between what is actually good for communities and what is just good marketing.

Emerging Fuels

It can be difficult to keep up with the changing landscape of fuels. It seems like there is a new fuel technology every day. As we transition off of fossil fuels, we expect that there will be proposals for all sorts of emerging fuel facilities. We want communities to be prepared for whatever proposals come their way.