Stand Up To Oil coalition statement in response to the deal struck in Congress that would lift the crude oil export ban

For Immediate Release: December 16, 2015
Contact: Rebecca Ponzio, 206.240.0493,

“Lifting the crude oil export ban is a huge giveaway to the oil industry – one that puts our health, safety, communities, and economy at risk.

Lifting this ban means more explosive oil trains and tankers that can spill going through our region. It is a complete change in the level of threat and risk we face.

In Washington and Oregon, we have seven active proposals to receive crude oil by rail, including a potential new refinery, as well as facilities that are already operating. Now with the imminent lifting of the crude export ban, the risks of these proposals as export terminals become even more acute and the risks from existing facilities increases.

Congress has chosen to put oil profits over the basic safety needs of the people they represent. We call on Washington and Oregon to deny all terminal proposals and re-evaluate the level of risk we currently face and what type of disaster we are willing to take on for the benefit of the oil industry.”


 STAND UP TO OIL is a growing coalition of groups opposed to new oil terminals and an increase in oil transport through the Northwest, while working to improve safety measures for oil currently traveling through the region. Learn more at